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Factory demolition involves good planning, preparation and having the right safety and environment procedures. This is to ensure that factory demolition or factories estates removal will be done without risk to workers, the public and the environment.

Why Choose Our Factory Demolition Company?

What is CPA Contracting Pty Limited?

Environmental logoImage Safety LogoCPA Contracting is a reputable and accredited factory demolition contractor offering demolition, site remediation, and soil remediation services with diverse Government, Environmental Consultants, Oil Refinery Companies and Major Property Developers.

Under WorkCover regulations, chemical demolition contractors must have a class 1 (DE1) demolition licence to demolish chemical facilities such as petrol service stations, chemical plants or removal of underground fuel tanks (UST).

Our factory demolition experts specialise in asbestos removal, demolition, tank removal, contaminated soil disposal, site remediation, soil remediation, and other site maintenance services throughout most of NSW including the following areas - Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Goulburn, Tamworth, Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Port Macquarie, and Batemans Bay.


CPA Contracting has class 1 Friable asbestos license, class 1 unrestricted factory demolition license and class 1 unrestricted demolition licence which allows us to undertake any asbestos removal, hazardous material removal and demolition of any type of structures small or large factory at any scale.

Our factory demolition company has over 25 years experience within its senior management and have National Certified Safety Management System AS/NZS 4801 and Environmental Management System ISO 14401 standards.

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CPA Contracting owns wide range of excavators, trucks and specialised attachments that make us very competitive in factory demolition and all savage of items helps to reduce our prices.

We are approved factory demolition contractor with many land developers including accreditation with many Council departments and Roads and Maritime Services.

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Our factory demolition company is also accredited by Workcover to undertake removal of underground fuel tanks which are commonly found on factory sites or chemical factory facilities such as service station sites and manufacturing plants.

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CPA Contracting offers factory demolition work packages:
  • Demolition of small to large factory including removal of all types of asbestos, chemicals or hazardous substances.
  • Removal of factory underground fuel tanks.
  • Removal of asbestos soil from old factory sites.
  • Internal stripouts of factory offices.
  • Factory Demolition and removal of factory concrete slabs and footings.
  • Onsite crushing of factory bricks and concrete onsite.
  • Site excavation or civil works for new factory site.
  • All types of soil remediation and civil works.
Why Choose Us for your Factory Demolition task?
  • Managing Director has over 30 years' experience in the asbestos and demolition industry.
  • Based at Minto but offers factory demolition services to the whole of Sydney, Gosford, Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Moss Vale and Wollongong areas.
  • CPA Contracting is a reliable factory demolition contractor with accreditations on Certified Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) to ensure safety for all workers, public and the surrounding environment.
  • Road and Maritime Services approved asbestos removal and factory demolition contractor.
  • 100% owned factory demolition equipment including large and small excavators, skids steers, trucks, decontamination units and other specialised attachments.
Areas We Serve

CPA Contracting's Warehouse or Factory demolition services including soil remediation and contaminated soil disposal are available in the following areas:

  • Newcastle
  • Batesman Bay
  • Wollongong
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Goulburn
  • Tamworth
  • Bathurst
  • Port Macquarie
Demolition licences and insurance:
  • Demolition Unrestricted Licence No: 204544DE1.
  • Friable Asbestos Licence No: AD211128.
  • DECC contaminated soil transport licence No: 12514.
  • $20 million Public and $10 million Asbestos Liability Insurance.
Factory Demolition Company is a proud member of:
  • Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)
  • Accredited Contractor with Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG)
  • DECC contaminated soil transport licence No: 12514
  • Petroleum Industrial Contractors Association (PICA)

We Are a Member of:

Decc Logo Pica Logo wpcg logo ccf logo

Some of Our Previous Projects:

Client Site Details
Coles MyerColes Shopping Centre Port Macquarie. • Demolition of service station site and Caravan park.
• Removal of six fuel tanks.
• Soil remediation.
• Backfill and compact.
Coles MyerTarget Shopping Centre Ulladulla • Demolition of service station site and Caravan park.
• Removal of six fuel tanks.
• Soil remediation.
• Backfill and compact.
Three L PropertiesConvert Service Station to shops Gosford • Part Demolition of service station.
• Removal of four fuel tanks in confined space.
• Soil remediation and part removal.
United GroupTelstra Depot Tamworth • Removal of two 25,000 litre tanks.
• Undertake all environmental testing.
• Backfilling and compaction.
• New Bitumen works.
Riboni ConstructionsIndustrial Park Botany • Demolition of 25m high stack and large factory buildings.
• Removal of 4,000 tonnes of asbestos soil.
CH2MHILLSRA Land Granville • Removal of 2000 tonnes of asbestos soil.
Industrial Parks of AustraliaAbbotts Rd Estate Seven Hills • Demolition of 8,000m2 Resin factory building.
• Removal of 6,000m2 of asbestos cement sheeting.
Hitachi AustHitachi Yard Revesby • Removal of two tanks.
• Landfarm impacted soil.
• Backfill and compact.
• Install new concrete to take 87 tonne excavators.
Lansdown Management GroupMobil Service Station Lansvale • Removal of four 42,000 and two 25,000 litre tanks.
• Demolition and separation of bowser canopy awning only. Sales building to remain.
Paul Wakeling Holden GroupIndustrial Development. Campbelltown • Demolition of warehouse and removal of tanks.
• Removal of oil impacted soil.
• Import and backfill on site.
• Import and backfill and compact ready for new construction works to commence.
Exxon MobilVillawood Depot• Removal six tanks.
• Soil remediation.
• Removal of 6,000 tonnes of soil.
• Import and compact.
INGIndustrial Park Granville • Excavate of remove 4,000 tonnes of asbestos soil
Suttons Motors17 sites in Sydney• Remove tanks in active caryards.
• Undertake all environmental testing.
• Backfilling and compaction.
• New concrete works.
Brisland ConstructionEngadine Community Centre• Demolition of buildings on site including 15m high hall building.
• Removal of 8,000 tonnes of asbestos soil.
• Import and compact fill to required building levels.
• Detailed excavation for new buildings.
Kelloggs AustBotany Plant• Demolition of three storey building.
• Removal of 30,000 litre tank.
• Reinstatement.
Anglican ChurchDenham Court• Demolition of small buildings.
• Removal of asbestos soil.
• Excavation for new building hall.
• Construct new carpark with driveway.

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